MVC allows great separation between logic and presentation. Take control of your application code (front-end and back-end).


Simple but powerfull url routing. The URLs generated by dbax are clean and search-engine friendly.

Modular and Lightweight

Choose which components you want to use. dbax has less than 300KB download, including some examples.

Excepcional performance

dbax has been developed on top of PL/SQL Web Toolkit, engineered with performance tuning in mind. It returns responses in a matter of milliseconds.

dbax is ready for Enterprise

Scale with the Oracle Database. Oracle RAC, Oracle Cloud and the In-Memory option.

Web standards

Friendly URLs, HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Design, JavaScript and their libraries (AngularJS, ReactJS, whatever).

Fast development

Live changes, scaffolding, user session state, simple url routing, code generators (tapiGen2).

Open Source

dbax is Open Source. Not increase the cost of your Oracle database. Compatible with Free Oracle database Express Edition (XE).

Logging and tracing

Automatically record events and data about your application execution. Use it to identify software problems or live monitor.

Easy skill transition for existing Forms developers

Oracle Forms is no longer a strategic development tool. Upskilling and encourages your PL/SQL developers to a real web environment

Download dbax

Still in beta state. The latest is Version 0.2.1

Read the Manual

Clear and friendly doc. It contains an introduction, examples, and then reference documentation for the components that make up the framework.

View Community

dbax is a community-developed open source project, Get Support & Discuss Things.


There are many ways to contribute to the dbax project, whether you are a developer or not.

Live Demo Applications

Working demos and sample code of applications made with dbax.

Are you ready to continue?

Download dbax